Sunday, October 18, 2009


I worked on a client quilt this week. Once I had decided how to quilt it I couldn't wait to get it loaded. I loaded it over the weekend and started on Tuesday. I was volunteering at Claire's school or I would have started Monday. By Tuesday I was halfway done. Wednesday I got almost to the last row, then I had thread issues, played with fixing that for a while, gave up and Thursday I tied off all threads and did clean up work on the quilt. Friday was also volunteer day at Claire's school. This week I will resolve the thread issues and finish it up. I am hoping to start tomorrow morning and everything will work great. Once the stitches are nice again, it will only take me a few hours to finish. I love all the white space and enjoy filling them with feathers, loopies and flowers.

Completed photos next weekend!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilted last Week

Last Saturday I spent a relaxing day at home and quilted this quilt for a client. I was sick the week before and got zero quilting done, plus I had timing issues. Saturday I felt better and the timing was all fixed. I had fun quilting this one, it was bright and happy and the border was my favorite color. I used a dark purple & blue variegated thread in the inside of the quilt and a light blue variegated in the border.

The binding was pulled from the back and the blue looks so nice against the orange.

I love doing these little loopies...I did them on another signature quilt once before...
In the setting squares I did hearts and o's.....

The whole thing....

On to the pink one that has been on my design wall for a bit, I finally figured out what to quilt on it. It is all loaded up and ready to go.