Sunday, February 21, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt & Claire's Dress

This was a T-Shirt quilt for a client. It is a gift to her parents for their wedding anniversary. They are bike racers and the quilt top was made of 20 T-Shirt backs. This was my first T-Shirt quilt and it was much easier than I thought. She had stabilized the shirts very well. It did stretch more than a cotton quilt top, but it was manageable. The surprising part was that many of the races took place in the midwest, in Michigan where I was born and Iowa where I grew up. So as I quilted I was nostalgic and remembered being out at the bars in college when the Ragbrai race came through town.

The quilt was so many different colors and I didn't want to over power it so I picked a silver/grey thread for the front and back. The backing was black, so the silver showed up as well, but again, did not overpower the already busy fabric. She found a great bicycle themed fabric for the back of the quilt. I outlined the words and pictures on the shirts and then did a swirl design on the blank spaces. I had come up with a wheel design, but decided that would be too busy. I was afraid even the swirl would be too busy, but you have to hold the quilt together somehow!

Here is the Ragbrai block!
The whole quilt.....

And a dress I am making for Claire. She picked out a sparkly fabric last quilt shop hop and asked me to make a dress for her. I am struggling through the pattern, worked on it for another 3 hours today. I am hoping to get it finished while it still fits her. I still marvel at the project runway contestants that whip out a dress in a day, with no pattern.

Last week was the kids mid-winter break, so I did no quilting, but I did get a quilt loaded and I am ready to start first thing tomorrow morning. A client quilt and I am doing a panto. It is all basted down and the laser is lined up on the panto.

Have a lovely week! Enjoy the sunshine if you have it. :)